The european integration essay

European Integration Introduction The following paper will provide an overview on the importance of the regional union of Balkans countries before joining European Union. Initially the paper will describe the main forms of integration and the main benefit for each of them.

The european integration essay

His vision made it clear that preservation of peace was extremely needed by the European countries in order to ensure sustainability and economic growth of the member states.

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Bearing this in mind, it is therefore imperative that European Union members remain united and work together to enhance their economic progress Wyles, par. The future of Europe is geared towards having a single bloc that shares common interest and therefore a common currency.


Scholars believe that this will bring about a The european integration essay, strong market which will increase the EU harmony thus giving the possibility of EU having a bright future. This is true since the perception that Europe had lacked vision and was in a quagmire is en vogue.

In order to achieve a common destiny, these European countries must sacrifice and compromise in order to boost productivity and the desired economic growth which in turn promotes political stability in those member countries.

The crisis that befell the euro has brought a shift of power in Europe with Germany coming tops as the leader while France is demoted to a subordinate while Britain opts to take the sidelines.

This is a contributing factor to the weakening of the European Commission. Jean Monnet and Charles de Gaulle had competing visions for Europe. Monnet wanted an integrated Europe that had a single common market, the structure that is in current use.

The european integration essay

Neofunctionalism has brought about the creation of a common currency which has curbed the fluctuations that arise as result of countries having different national currencies Cooper, par. This was possible as unscrupulous traders could not put bets placed against individual currencies which would have been disastrous during the financial crisis that rocked the EU.

However, having the euro has put pressure on EU members perceived to be weaker who in turn are forced to pay inflated interests in by bond markets in order to borrow. These countries cannot put a defense for themselves with the mechanisms of monetary policy, for instance getting devaluated.

This spill over from previous regimes has led to the common currency that has led to demands for a framework that is common regarding spending. The future of the euro has been the main concern for the EU, not only because of its fragile stability but also because it is the common currency which means it holds the future of majority of European projects at stake.

An implosion of the euro would spell disaster to the EU Member States wreaking havoc in the economic, financial, political and social life Ahauser, par. Such a situation would lead to the global financial system collapsing, collapse of EU member states economies, mass riots and violent confrontations arising from mass unemployment.

Such an occurrence would plunge the EU into an abyss and therefore the EU institutions and members should do all that is possible to prevent such an occurrence As shown by Torreblanca, European Union has guided the world in practicing democracy and there it in uncomfortable to notice that democratic governance is under threat from financial priorities that have been hastened and done through the back door.

The threat to democracies is mainly brought by leaders who are more economic oriented and tough financial bosses thus tend to shelf democratic priorities par. The euro crisis is also threatening to destabilize the EU democracies as shown by an almost two year period of divisions and doubts that have led to a lack in proper guidance and courage needed to put into action the European solution which in turn has catalyzed the unpopular perception by people of the member states towards their national democracies as well as directed towards the European project.

The threat of government yielding to internal pressures especially in the Arab states has done little to allay the fears. Also, instead of democracy being bolstered in European country members, the crisis is fuelling technocracy both in national levels and European levels through the European Commission which in turn bosses the European Union governments par Britain had joined the then European Commission yet this in order to safeguard her interests yet this time she was also going to the sidelines allegedly to guard her national interests which was viewed as narrow minded.

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Britain stepping aside is a big blow to EU as it cannot afford to have economic superpowers and their democracies not being on board.European Integration Essay - After the tragedies of World War II, European leaders have made striving efforts to prevent such a catastrophic event from occurring on their continent again.

The best solution seemed to be highly mechanized cooperation among the highest European powers to assure that future conflict, and perhaps war, could not arise between them. After the Second World War the countries of Europe's over riding fear was of a resurgent Germany.

The experience of the war meant countries leaders were encouraged to look for other option (than war). Europe was really a negative reaction to the threat of Germany and was born out of pessimism.

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The Plan was to give financial aids to the European states for them to recover. To allocate the American aids, the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation was set up, and this was the first major step of European integration. European Union (Eu) Essay.

The European Union (EU) is a union of twenty-seven independent states based on the European Communities and founded to enhance political, economic and .

For centuries, there have been some form of integration, but presently in the Europe, the dominant force is the European Union. Integration and enlargement of the European Union are major issues in the politics of Europe, both at home and national level.

European Integration