The benefits of the new human factor solutions of the general aviation pilot

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The benefits of the new human factor solutions of the general aviation pilot

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Pest control involves eradication or abatement of all types of pests, insects and rodents but none more evasive and resilient than the mosquito. The reason so much attention is given to eliminating this one insect; is the danger to human life, along with wildlife, associated with Vector borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes after extrinsic incubation, e.

The National Resources Defense Council indicates that these diseases are increasing as the insect population grows, due to the warming of the climate, along with the shifting rain and weather patterns.

Some states in the United State have already experienced cases of Zika. Most notably there have been cases reported in 15 counties in Florida and as consequence new laws have been enacted which impose even greater regulation for pest control company applicators.

Other states as well may follow suit as the disease spreads.

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This particular mosquito type is an invasive species which is already established in America and by its nature continues to expand its range. It carries Zika virus, dengue fever and a possible link to microcephaly in infants.

Additionally, is has been recently confirmed that an infected human male can sexually transmit the Zika virus to a female similar to AIDS while the virus is active. Irregardless of which cause is the culprit it will have far reaching implications for insurance coverage for the the pest control industry.

Bodily injury means injury, sickness, disease or death.

The benefits of the new human factor solutions of the general aviation pilot

The Supreme Court of California widened the legal playing field when it held that pesticide application may not be excluded summarily under the pollution exclusions clause of an insurance policy without a thorough analysis of the facts and can be ordinary negligence performed in the general course of doing business in John R.

Truck Insurance Exchange As a result varying coverage has evolved for pest control companies. With the advent of new diseases and chemical compounds to address them Pest control companies must become or remain pro active to combat the negative impact caused by just one list insect.

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Also consider raising the aggregate amount on your general liability. It would be fiscally prudent to have liability for any known or emerging vector borne disease spelled out, if obtainable; but you primarily want to make sure they are not excluded under your policy.

If it is proven, that the chemical pyriproxyfen used in larvae applications is the cause of microcephaly, rather than the Zika virus, then there is sure to be tort cases similar to those brought regarding the Thalidomide tragedy.

As the world population rises and various new diseases emerge and new chemical compounds and pesticides are developed to eliminate the pests and thus combat the diseases the risk increase proportionally for a pest control company.Skywise aims to become the platform of reference used by all major aviation players to improve their operational performance and business results and to support their own digital transformation The more data that is shared with Skywise, the more accurate its predictions and models will be for all.

watershed event that would trigger the need to address human factors in aviation maintenance.

The benefits of the new human factor solutions of the general aviation pilot

This paper is intended to shed light on the fundamental concepts of human factors . People on Tumblr are discussing Eliezer Yudkowsky’s old essay The Correct Contrarian Cluster, and my interpretation was different enough that I thought it might be worth spelling here it is: is there a General Factor of Correctness?

Remember, IQ is supposed to come from a General Factor . Download Citation on ResearchGate | 6 A review of the benefits of aviation human factors training | Abstract This paper reviews the available evidence for the benefits of aviation human,factors training. Weekly podcast about flying, pilots, airlines, military aviation, and general aviation.

"Whether you’re old or new in the aviation field," says Bergman, "human factors training acts as an adhesive in bonding people’s working relationships with each other." Students quickly identify the areas in which they can improve and the skills that can be enhanced for the benefit of the team.

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