Rate problem algebra mistakes

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Rate problem algebra mistakes

Rates Video transcript Starting at home, Umaima traveled uphill to the gift store for 45 minutes at just 8 miles per hour. She then traveled back home along the same path downhill at a speed of 24 miles per hour.

What is her average speed for the entire trip from home to the gift store and back? So we're trying to figure out her average speed for the entire trip. That's going to be equal to the total distance that she traveled over the total time.

rate problem algebra mistakes

Well, what's the total distance going to be? Well, the total distance is going to be the distance to the gift store and then the distance back from the gift store, which are the same distances.

So it's really you could say two times the distance to the gift store. And then what is going to be her total time? Well, it's time to gift store plus the time coming back from the gift store. Now, we know that the distance to the gift store and the distance back from the gift store is the same.

So that's why I just said that the total distance is just going to be two times the distance to the gift store.

We don't know-- in fact we know we're going to have different times in terms of times to the gift store and times coming back. How do I know that? Well, she went at different speeds. So it's going to take her-- actually, she went there much slower than she came back.

So it would take her longer to get there than it took her to get back. So let's see which of these we can actually-- we already know. So how do we figure out the distance to the gift store? At not point here do they say, hey, the gift store is this far away.

But they do tell us, this first sentence right over here, "Umaima traveled uphill to the gift store for 45 minutes at just 8 miles per hour. And we are given a speed. We should be able to figure out a distance.

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So let's just do a little bit of aside here. We should be able to figure out the distance to the-- actually let me write it this way.

The distance to the store will be equal to-- now we've got to make sure we have our units right. Here they gave it in minutes. Here they have 8 miles per hour. So let's convert this into hours.

So 45 minutes in hours, so it's 45 minutes out of 60 minutes per hour. Divide both by A standard unit rate problem, price problem, and what would be complete without a speed problem. Math Skill Quizzes.

Most of the problems are focused in story form. This is commonly how you will see them.

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rate problem algebra mistakes

[beautiful math coming please be patient] $\displaystyle\frac{10\text{ kg}}{{\text{ in}}^3}$, read as “ten kilograms per cubic inch” A rate is a mathematical expression, and like all types of mathematical expressions.

At first, this is what I thought the student had done: First, the student drew six circles to represent “out of 6 books.” Then, they distributed, one-by-one, the 66 books into each of the 6 circles. Common Algebra II Mistakes - Concept. Carl Horowitz. Carl Horowitz. University of Michigan Okay so 8 is actually the right answer for this problem, you plug it into your calculator just as this 8 will come out and the reason being is that division and multiplication are on the same level.

A rate is a little bit different than the ratio, it is a special ratio. It is a comparison of measurements that have different units, like cents and grams. A unit rate is a rate with a denominator of 1.

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