Political environment for samsung china

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Political environment for samsung china

Samsung admits using forest-trashing tin 22 April Samsung Electronics has admitted for the first time that it uses tin in its products that's destroying tropical forests, killing coral and wrecking the lives of communities in Indonesia, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland reveals today.

The world's best-selling smartphone brand has committed to urgent action to tackle the problem following pressure from the environment organisation and more than 15, individuals.

This was prompted by the group's investigation into the devastation caused by mining for tin — an essential component in all electronic items — on Indonesia's Bangka island.

Political environment for samsung china

Friends of the Earth welcomes the move but warns it will be maintaining pressure on Samsung to ensure action for Bangka. It is also calling on the tech giant to back new laws in Europe to help and require all companies to reveal the full human and environmental impacts of their operations.

Samsung has written to customers explaining how it has traced its supply chain back to the mines and committed to using its influence by working together with suppliers, industry bodies and governments to find solutions to improve the situation on Bangka and neighbouring islands. Friends of the Earth's Craig Bennett said: Friends of the Earth welcomes a requirement for greater company transparency but believes plans must be strengthened to apply to full supply chains and include reporting on greenhouse gas emissions and how much of the world's water, land and raw materials they use.

Thousands of people have joined Friends of the Earth's Make It Better campaign, launched in Novemberasking Samsung and Apple to say if they use tin from Bangka in their products and calling for new rules to make all companies come clean about their supply chains, starting with a Europe-wide law next year.

Almost half of all mined tin is turned into solder for the electronics industry. Around a third of the world's tin is from the Indonesia islands of Bangka and Belitung. Devastation caused by tin mining in Bangka, Indonesia - key findings from Friends of the Earth's investigation: Dangerous and unregulated tin mining on Bangka is killing and injuring workers - police figures show that in an average of one miner a week died in an accident.

Farmers struggle to grow crops in soil turned acidic by the destruction of forests for tin mining. Doctors suspect a link between increased malaria cases and the stagnant water in hundreds of abandoned tin mine craters that are a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes.Moreover, if Micron's DRAM sales to China were disrupted for any significant amount of time and Samsung/Hynix had to try and fill the void, the industry's supply situation could allow Micron to.

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One of the bigger announcements from Samsung for was the return of full-array LED backlighting with local dimming in select 4K Ultra HD QLED TVs and after having had a few days to run through the brand new inch QN65Q9FN, we can confidently say the technology lives up to the hype.

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One major factor which impacts China is the increasing awareness of environment protection.

Political environment for samsung china

This promotes how e-commerce causes less pollution and restricts the damage to the environment. In conclusion, I can say based on this PEST analysis, that China is a flourishing market with the need for some small changes.

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