Fedex case study analysis

FedEx Co Essay Introduction: FedEx has emerged as a company that is involved into various shipping regions in different parts of the world and is aggressively pursuing a solid foundation for the future. It has recently added a new hub in the Philippines.

Fedex case study analysis

In order to achieve the vision, the account executives would have to be in capacity to offer both ground and Air delivery offerings. Management Summary The company FedEx has been considered as the most innovative company.

However due to rising competition by other competitors, FedEx is now thinking of integrating its express and ground sales force team.

To execute this strategy, FedEx, needs to offer a combined account executive which will give a single gateway to the customers of ground and air Delivery.

So, it is recommended that FedEx shall integrate the teams of Ground and express which will facilitate the customer and also save the company form losing the market share in future. In doing so, FedEx shall employ latest technology that will offer a unified access to the customer of their transactions and not only the customer, the sales teams will be facilitate by this alternative as they would be aware of all the sages of workflow.

It offers the delivery of small packages throughout the US and other countries. Diversified Business Operations-FedEx has a well-diversified business mix, which provides a competitive edge over its peers.

Under the FedEx brand, it offers a whole range of diversified services through its group companies which are acquired due to the competitive edge of those companies that are similar with the business strategy of FedEx.

The information integration helps the company gain business synergies across its multiple operating Units. Weakness Overdependence on US-Although the company operates in more than countries but the major investments are done in US markets and it heavily depends on US market for its revenues.

Fedex case study analysis

The reason of the decline is the ineffective cost management causing the company charges more for the services than its competitors. Opportunities Global Expansion-FedEx has developed an eminent reputation in logistics. The chances for FedEx to become successful in these regions are high due to its pre-build reputation and brand image.

Cost cutting Initiatives-FedEx, has always been a pro-innovation company. The company has plans to employ hybrid fleets vans that not only will cut the price but also increase the efficiency. The Express package and freight market is highly competitive, which could affect the growth of FedEx.

The companies in the industry compete on factors such as price, geographical coverage, reliability, frequency, speed of delivery, and after sales service.

Unfortunately, FedEx is incompetent in managing its cost which has impact the pricing-strategy of FedEx. In US, express Packages business experiences increase in Volume during November and December, while the volumes are low in other season.

While another issue is the intense competition that is giving a hard time to FedEx to develop and devise new strategies in order to maintain a competitive advantage and sustaining in the markets with the maximum retention of the market Share which is why it has to gain a expertise in providing exceptional customer service, convenience and easy mode of operation to its customers This is just a sample partial case solution.

Fedex case study analysis

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In FedEx case, the actors are represented by the partners involved in the business at different levels, whether they belong to the corporate level within FedEx, B2B marketing as organizations, institutions and governments, or the group of final customer (recipient).

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Fed-Ex Case Study In FedEx Express developed the modern air/ground express industry; in the corporation was created as FDX Corp. and became FedEx Corp. in January of

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