Cahsr business plan

It portends to finally reveal the true cost for construction of Phase I of the project. Completion of Phase I is now projected for year Looking a bit beneath the headlines, we find many questions that are not explained. This cost should have been included in the business plan but was omitted.

Cahsr business plan

The biggest news is that Proposition 70 is getting crushed. This was intended as a poison pill against high speed rail and it went down in flames.

This should help prospects for extending the cap and trade system beyondas the latest California high speed rail business plan suggests.

Newsom has not always been consistent on high speed rail. But this year he is saying all the right things: Newsom said the high-speed rail, a controversial topic in the Central Valley, will anchor economic development in its first phase: San Joaquin Valley to the Silicon Valley.

cahsr business plan

I can live with this. And that support will be essential in the face of the challenge presented by Cox. California is a strongly Democratic state and it is not likely that it would elect a Republican governor.

But it is possible. California has its problems, including high housing costs. And while the CA GOP is a dying party, their base may well view the election as their last stand — and they will likely turn out in big numbers to try and stave off permanent minority status. Newsom will have to own the project anyway, so he might as well embrace it and offer a strong defense.

This puts Democrats on course to win back control of the U. House in November, which would go a long way toward reopening the possibility of federal funding for the HSR project.

Newman voted for the gas tax increase, which Democrats have done a poor job defending. And without a strong campaign to rally voters to save Newman, he got recalled. This produces two problems. The second is that Republicans will be emboldened to run against the gas tax everywhere in the state, jeopardizing important transportation projects.

Democrats will need to get serious about either defending the gas tax, or finding some other way to address voter concerns. One obvious move would be to cut the gas tax by some small amount while offsetting it by raising taxes somewhere else — such as on large polluters.LEGISLATIVE ANALYST’S OFFICE 1 March 28, State law requires the California High-Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) to prepare a business plan every even year that provides certain key information about the planned high-speed.

The Rail Plan is a strategic plan with operating and capital investment strategies that will lead to a coordinated, statewide travel system. The creation of a railroad network in California in the 19th century connected us to the rest of the nation with what was then the highest-speed form of transportation.

The California High Speed Rail Authority has released its Business Plan. It portends to finally reveal the true cost for construction of Phase I of the project.

The new cost estimate is at a base of $ billion to a possible $ billion dollars. Completion of Phase I is now projected for year May 15,  · A fresh business plan is required every two years, and the plan is the first under Brian Kelly, the new chief executive of the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

The period to comment on the Business Plan is now closed as of April 19, Any comments received that are postmarked by April 18 will be included in the comment record. All comments . The November Construction Update features new aerial images of nine of our projects in Madera and Fresno Counties.

These new images show just how much progress is being made and give you a look at the full scope and size of these projects.

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