Apush 1861 1900 short answer

On February 8,six secessionist states together formed what new nation? Less than a month later, March 4,Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as president of the United States. In his inaugural address, he declared the Confederacy "legally void.

Apush 1861 1900 short answer

Originally a secret, ritualistic society organized by Philadelphia garment workers, it was open to all workers, including African Americans, women, and farmers. The Knights grew slowly until they succeeded in facing down the great railroad baron, Jay Gouldin an strike.

Within a year, they addedworkers to their rolls, far more than the thin leadership structure of the Knights could handle. Rather than open its membership to all, the AFL, under former cigar-makers union official Samuel Gompersfocused on skilled workers. His objectives were "pure and simple": As such, Gompers helped turn the labor movement away from the socialist views earlier labor leaders had espoused.

The AFL would gradually become a respected organization in the U. In the Great Railroad Strike inrailroad workers across the nation went on strike in response to a percent pay cut.

Attempts to break the strike led to bloody uprisings in several cities. The Haymarket Riot took place inwhen an anarchist allegedly threw a bomb at police dispersing a strike rally at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in Chicago. Bymembership had plummeted to fewer than , then faded away.

As a result, the National Guard was called in to guard the plant; non-union workers were hired and the strike broken. The Homestead plant completely barred unions until The shutdown of rail traffic meant the virtual shutdown of the entire national economy, and President Grover Cleveland acted vigorously.

He secured injunctions in federal court, which Eugene Debs and the other strike leaders ignored. Cleveland then sent in the Army to stop the rioting and get the trains moving.

The strike collapsed, as did the ARU. The most militant working class organization of the — era was the Industrial Workers of the World IWWformed largely in response to abysmal labor conditions inthe year before its founding, 27, workers were killed on the job [51] and discrimination against women, minorities, and unskilled laborers by other unions, particularly the AFL.

Openly calling for class warfaredirect actionworkplace democracy and " One Big Union " for all workers regardless of sex, race or skills, [53] the Wobblies gained many adherents after they won a difficult textile strike commonly known as the " Bread and Roses " strike in LawrenceMassachusetts.

They proved ineffective in managing peaceful labor relations and members dropped away. But according to historian Howard Zinn"the IWW became a threat to the capitalist class, exactly when capitalist growth was enormous and profits huge. Gilded Age The "Gilded Age" that was enjoyed by the topmost percentiles of American society after the recovery from the Panic of floated on the surface of the newly industrialized economy of the Second Industrial Revolution.

It was further fueled by a period of wealth transfer that catalyzed dramatic social changes. It created for the first time a class of the super-rich "captains of industry", the " robber barons " whose network of business, social and family connections ruled a largely White Anglo-Saxon Protestant social world that possessed clearly defined boundaries.

A Tale of Todayemploying the ironic difference between a "gilded" and a Golden Age. James Garfield, the Republican candidate, won a very close election, but a few months into his administration was shot by a disgruntled public office seeker.APUSH Midterm: Short Answer 1.

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Presidential Reconstruction • “Reconstruction” = restoring the Union, bringing the states back together, NOT fixing the South • The idea that, because the South never really “left,” it’s the President’s job, as opposed to the idea that Congress needs to readmit states that left • Also a reference to Johnson’s plan: after he became.

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Technological And Environmental Transformations, to C. 600 B.C.E.

The Note: This great book should really be read by ph-vs.com is difficult to describe why it so great because it both teaches and inspires. You really just have to read it. A proposed Thirteenth Amendment to prevent secession, Best friends divided by the Civil War, Lincoln on the execution of a slave trader, A proclamation on the suspension of habeas corpus, On the emigrant trail, The Gettysburg Address, The Civil War ( – ) Description.

The Civil War between the North and the South was the most costly of all American wars in terms of the loss of human and also the most destructive war even fought in the Western Hemisphere. history.

Apush 1861 1900 short answer

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