A biography of frdric franois chopin a polish composer

Well liked by his pupils. Quotes - "Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.

A biography of frdric franois chopin a polish composer

He lived only 39 years! Finally he was bedridden, got weaker and weaker, and died.

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People think Chopin suffered from tuberculosis. Chopin is very well known for his piano music.

A biography of frdric franois chopin a polish composer

He was a very good pianist, and also a piano teacher. The music he composed was either for solo piano, or for piano with other instruments. He composed lots of short pieces, such as etudes, nocturnes, mazurkas, waltzes, polonaises and so on.

Many of them are very difficult to perform, but the music in them is very beautiful! Chopin is well known for his melodies and deep expressions in his piano music. Chopin was born and raised in Poland. In the Polish people tried to rise up against Russian rule.

The next year this uprising or revolution was crushed by the Russian army, and Chopin then moved to Paris, France. He never returned to Poland after that. The only known photograph of Chopin Chopin never married nor had children.

However, for ten years, he did live with a woman called Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, a famous author with pen name George Sand. After a while, Sand became like a nurse to Chopin, because he was sick so often.

Listen to Chopin Chopin's music is full of heart-felt emotions, and "poetic" poem-like feelings. He's been called "the only truly great composer for the piano" by Vladimir Horowitz. Use the videos and audios below to listen to at least threee pieces of Chopin's music.

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When you listen, imagine and try to visualize see in your mind what the music is depicting. What can you see or feel when listening to the music? You can also draw on paper what you see in your mind.

Compare your thoughts and feelings with those around you. Valentina Lisitsa plays Chopin's Etude Op. Etude is a French word that means a "study". It is a short piece that is meant for an exercise. However, Chopin's etudes don't only exercise and give practice about how to play piano — they are also expressive and emotional music in themselves.

This one is a very fast piece, thus it is difficult to play. Here the right hand plays almost solely on black keys, and again very fast. When Chopin wrote this piece inhis homeland Poland tried to rise up and break free from the Russian rule over it.

This revolution failed and was eventually crushed by the Russian army. Chopin said about it, "All this has caused me much pain. Who could have foreseen it! Look how difficult it is for the left hand!

The "Minute Waltz" Op. Performed by Tzvi Erez. The word "minute" here means "tiny", not a time measure.Frederic Chopin was born in near Warsaw, Poland. He began taking piano lessons when he was six years old and by the time he was seven, he was already writing his own music and performing in.

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Evans-Wentz Chopin. Frédéric (frederik) (François). –49, Polish composer and pianist active in France, who wrote chiefly for the piano: noted for his harmonic imagination and his lyrical and melancholy qualities. Sep 10,  · CHOPIN, FREDERIC FRANÇOIS (–), Polish musical composer and pianist, was born at Zelazowa-Wola, near Warsaw, on the 22nd of February (not the 1st of March ).

His father, of French origin, born at Nancy in , had married a Polish lady, Justine Krzyzanowska. Chopin from MUS at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Chopin, Frdric Franois Chopin was a composer for the piano born near Warsaw, of French and Polish Find Study Resources.

Encyclopedia of World Biography on Frdric Franois Chopin Frédéric François Chopin (), a Polish-French composer and pianist, was one of the creators of the typically romantic character piece.

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